Welcome to the NHR@ZIB

High-Performance Computing Systems

The NHR@ZIB center is one of nine NHR centers in the Alliance for National High Performance Computing (Nationales Hochleistungsrechnen – NHR). It is a facility of the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) and operates an infrastructure for scientific computing to support science and research throughout Germany. The scientific board (Wissenschaftlicher Ausschuss) organizes a peer review process to decide about compute time projects and users are supported by the supra-regional competence network .


Proposals and User access

After the account application users get an easy access to the NHR compute systems. Large resources are available within compute time projects.

Management portal

The management portal is the place where the users are able to control the properties of their accounts and of their projects.

User portal

Within the user portal the users find all information about system access and about the software installed there. The application process is described in detail.






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